Monday, March 23, 2009

Crossing Borders

On April 4th the Always Becoming film crew will head down to Obregón, Mexico. We will be traveling with Athena and Bill Steen, last year's crew members on the Always Becoming sculpture project at NMAI In Washington. Our goal is to interview crew members, Juanita and Emiliano Morales and patriarch Don Juan who live in Obregón. The Steen and Morales families along with Don Juan played a significant role doing the building of the ephemeral NMAI sculptures .

The concept of family and community resonated from these families, encouraging an inclusiveness that extended to the staff members and visitors of the museum. Everyday while working on those two islands at the museum, the Morales family displayed a quiet dignity that crossed boundaries of language and culture.

In addition, the family's initial journey to Washington D.C., crossing the Mexican border and traveling through the United States symbolized the migration, not only geographically, but of self. Migrating toward that place of self realization where culture is honored and in the process creating is nurtured. We will conduct interviews and bring Don Juan across the border while interviewing him and the land he comes from.

Obregón, Mexico


April 4,2009 - Arrive in Tuscon. Rent car and drive to Nogales, Mexico where we meet up with the Steen family. Cross the border. Spend the night in San Carlos, Mexico.

April 5,2009 - Drive to Juanita and Emiliano's house in Obregón. Begin interviews.

April 6,2009 - Continue Obregón interviews with Morales and Steen Families.

April 7,2009 - Return to Nogales traveling through Rio Samora, Mexico.

April 8,2009 - Nogales- Tucson - Albuqerque.

Next month's blog will have an excerpt from interviews.