Saturday, January 24, 2009

Seattle Bound

This blog entry will include a travel itinerary and some general information about our trip to Seattle (February 6-10) to interview Architect, John Paul Jones. Mr. Jones was a selector for the National Museum of the American Indian Sculpture Competition. We'd like to catch up with Mr. Jones and ask him some questions about indigenous Architecture, the sculpture competition at NMAI and how culture and environment influence design.

For the past 40 years Mr. Jones has worked as an Architect and Landscape Architect developer. He is co-founder of the Architectural firm, Jones & Jones Architects based in Seattle. Coming from Cherokee and Choctaw ancestry, Mr. Jones attributes his environmental and Architectural sensibilities to his culture. His award winning designs have graced Washington state as well as our nation's capitol. Mr. Jones was a lead design consultant during the creation of the National Museum of the American Indian on the Smithsonian Mall.

Icicle Creek Music Center [pdf]

We plan to film examples of his Architectural designs around the Seattle area, interview him on site at a renovation Mr. Jones is presently working on at the Evergreen State College Longhouse in Olympia, Washington. We will also follow Mr. Jones to a Native gathering hosted by the Evergreen Longhouse and the Squaxin Island tribe.


February 6th - Travel day from Albuquerque to Seattle.

February 7th - In the morning we will meet with Jenine Grey, Director of the Monterey House in Seattle. Ms. Grey has generously offered to show us the Monterey House, a re-modeled hotel by the firm of Jones & Jones. This energy conscious, cultural center for urban Indians offers shelter on many levels to homeless Native people in the Seattle area.

In the afternoon we will travel 3 hours to the Squaxin Island where we will attend the opening of the gathering hosted by the Evergreen Longhouse. Mr. Jones will be in attendance.

February 8th - We will participate and film the gathering which will include Mr. Jones, tribal leaders and artists discussing the Changing Demographics of Native Art- which is also the name of the two day gathering.

February 9th - In the morning we have arranged a trip to the Evergreen Longhouse to interview Mr. Jones at the renovation site on the Evergreen State College campus.

Afternoon and evening we return to the gathering and continue filming the evening events.

February 10th - In the morning we will film landscape and water sites in the area of Olympia as we head back to the airport in Seattle.

Afternoon - Fly home.

Next entry we will have news of our Seattle trip and plenty of visuals.

Until then.


  1. Nora,

    I'm from Nambe, upper village, went to Nambe Day School, then on to Pojoaque, graduated in 77, teaching degree from UNM in 84, taught for a year at SFIS. Now I'm teaching at the U of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. My daughter and I both dance. We were home at Christmas. Went to San Juan (my mother is from there, the Calvert family) for Turtle Dance.

    I research/write about American Indians in children's books, and I run a site called American Indians in Children's Literature. Your wiki page links to it.

    I am watching the archived lecture you gave at NMAI. My Father's Feet is so beautiful.

    And the poem about your brother and war... Is that one available in print?

    I've been writing about the ramifications of the "savage" in children's books... That savage image is so effectively taught that we can transport that savage ideology to places like Iraq. I've cited some of the reporters who use savage Indian imagery to describe what is happening in Iraq.

    My email is

  2. As I look at the schedule I see that you are participating in the gathering today. I hope the weather is treating you kindly. I am looking forward to seeing this footage as well as hearing what John Paul Jones has to tell you.

    I can't wait to tell you and Dax about the amazing day on 1/20 here at NMAI. The weekend before was also filled with cultural events and was great fun. We are getting through the 45 tapes now to edit the festival and then the Inauguration day here.

    Have good travels and write again soon.